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Frequently Asked Questions about Data Centre Cooling

How does a CREC manage very hot days?

In a temperate climate the relative humidity falls as the temperature rises. August 2003 saw record temperatures in Britain exceeding 35°C with a relative humidity of 21%. It is this relationship which allows an EcoCooling CREC to maintain cold aisle temperatures of 21°C for over 99% of the time and never go above 23°C.

How much maintenance is required?

It is normal to maintain an EcoCooling CREC every 3 months. This is a simple operation of cleaning and validation of settings. Since the CRECs are normally external to the building there is no requirement for maintenance engineers to enter the server room or data centre

What about spare parts?

EcoCooling hold a stock of all spare parts at their warehouse in Bury St Edmunds. These are available for immediate despatch.

How long do the filter pads last?

Filter pads last from 3 to 5 years.

Can you catch Legionnaires’ disease from an EcoCooling Evaporative Cooler?

No, primarily because the circulating water is less than 20°C and no droplets are formed. An EcoCooler is classed as low risk (the same as a hot and cold water supply system). A legionella risk assessment is produced as part of the commissioning process.

Is the water recirculated?

Yes, the water is recirculated until the evaporation has concentrated it to its scaling point or when the cooling is turned off and the cooler automatically drains.

What happens in freezing conditions?

An automatic valve is normally fitted to completely drain the water systems and eliminate any risk of frost damage.

What is the warranty?

The EcoCooling CREC has a parts only warranty of 12 months.

Do the pads clean the air?

Yes, the pad will filter out larger particles such as dust or pollen. Insect screens are also fitted as standard.

The environment outside is dirty – how do we stop this air entering the server room?

We now have a filtration system available to filter dirt and contaminants from the air before it enters the server room.

What happens if there is a fire outside?

The cooling system is turned off and dampers are shut automatically. In many cases a refrigeration backup system is automatically enabled to maintain temperatures to the server.

What happens if there is a fire in the server room?

The cooling system turns off automatically and shuts all dampers

Is the EcoCooling CREC suitable for all global locations and climates?

No, it is not suitable for tropical climates where the wet bulb temperature of the ambient air can exceed 25°C. EcoCooling can provide specific advice on performance for any location in the world.

Is the EcoCooling CREC suitable for all IT equipment?

Older equipment such as main frame computers and paper media systems require close control of relative humidity and so evaporative cooling cannot be used.

What is the availability of spare parts?

EcoCooling holds a complete inventory of spare parts in the UK.

Is the EcoCooling CREC CE marked?>

All EcoCooling products are CE marked using UK based approved testing and assessment facilities.

What other applications can EcoCoolers be used for?

EcoCooling is ideal for the cooling of UPS rooms and other plant rooms. Air conditioning systems in offices, call centres and IT training facilities can all be replaced with EcoCooling evaporative cooling systems. Fresh air systems have many benefits in these applications beyond reduction of cost and environmental impact.

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