When Butchers Petcare, the premium pet food manufacturer, had excessively hot temperatures, over 40Co, in their main manufacturing plant, they called in Celsius Design to rectify the problem.

They already had an extraction system, using fume scrubbing technology to eliminate the food odours and a fresh air system to introduce fresh ambient air, but these did little to cool the area on hot summer days.

Celsius recommended that they install six EcoCooling evaporative cooling units to provide the required fresh cool air into the main areas where staff were working.  

This system was matched to provide exactly the correct volume of air required for the extraction system.

Celsius had to duct down through the open ceiling void above the main production area, this meant that there was up to 20m of ducting on the EcoCoolers

Celsius undertook the complete installation with no downtime in a live Production area.

Butchers were very impressed with the performance of the Celsius engineers and the resulting environment that they created, as the temperature drastically reduced in the area.