Crystal Clear EcoCooler solution for Regency Glass

Regency Glass based in Leigh, Lancashire are a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of Insulating Glazing Units.  

The factory previously suffered from high working temperatures due to the vast amounts of heat being produced from the printing process and a lack of ventilation within the facility.

Celsius was contacted and granted the opportunity to provide a suitable cooling solution to tackle the overheating problem. 

Celsius installed sixteen EcoCooling Evaporative cooling units and thirteen roof-mounted extraction units. Each EcoCooling system provides up to 35KW, creating a combined cooling capacity of over 560KW which managed to drastically reduce the working temperatures and create a far more comfortable working environment.

Due to the newly installed cladding on the factory’s exterior, the client requested that all wall-mounted EcoCoolers, ductwork and supporting steelwork be painted to be colour-coordinated to minimise the visual impact.

Celsius undertook all work during normal working hours, not disrupting site operations.

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About Celsius Design

At Celsius Design, we specialize in designing and installing cutting-edge solutions for evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, factory cooling, smoke ventilation, industrial ventilation, office air conditioning, and more. With our comprehensive range of services, we can tackle any challenge and provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Operating from our offices in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, we are ideally located to serve clients throughout the UK. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring optimal working conditions for various industries, including manufacturing, data centres, warehouses, and office spaces.

Our Work

Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Experts

Arburg Ltd, a leading plastic injection moulding machine manufacturer, sought our expertise to create an air conditioning system that would guarantee optimal working conditions for their operations. We provided them with a comprehensive solution that exceeded their expectations, ensuring precise temperature control and improved productivity.

Aberystwyth Council's Data Centre Cooling

Aberystwyth Council recognized the importance of maintaining a cool and efficient data centre. To meet their needs, we installed two Celsius EcoCooling units and two extraction fans. This system has not only improved the overall performance of their data centre but has also significantly reduced their carbon footprint and electrical running costs.

Motorola's Data Centre Cooling

Motorola, a global leader in telecommunications, entrusted us with the task of cooling their data centres across four UK sites. By installing over 30 EcoCooling systems, we enabled Motorola to achieve an impressive 90% reduction in electrical running costs, while also contributing to their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Shopfloor Cooling for a Hot and Fumy Machine Shop

A machine shop was struggling with high temperatures and fumes, which affected both the workers' comfort and the quality of the products. We installed our EcoCooling systems, which not only provided a cooler and cleaner environment but also improved temperature stability on the machines, resulting in enhanced product quality and overall efficiency.

Queen Ethelburgas School: Keeping Pupils Cool

Queen Ethelburgas School, located outside York, turned to us when they needed a reliable cooling solution for their presentation day. Our EcoCooling systems offered a cost-effective and efficient way to keep the staff and pupils cool, ensuring a comfortable environment for everyone involved.

The Benefits of EcoCooler

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

One of the key advantages of our EcoCooler systems is their exceptional energy efficiency. By utilizing the natural process of evaporative cooling, our solutions can significantly reduce electrical running costs, saving you money in the long run. With rising energy costs and increasing environmental concerns, EcoCooler is the sustainable choice for your cooling needs.

Improved Air Quality

EcoCooler not only cools the air but also filters and purifies it, ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment. By removing airborne contaminants and pollutants, our systems contribute to better air quality, promoting the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Versatility and Adaptability

Whether you need cooling for a data centre, factory, office space, or any other industrial or commercial application, our EcoCooler systems are versatile enough to meet your specific requirements. With their modular design, they can be easily adapted to suit different environments and cooling needs.

Quick and Hassle-Free Installation

At Celsius Design, we understand the importance of minimal disruption to your business operations. That's why our team of experts ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, minimizing downtime and maximizing the benefits of your new EcoCooler system.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

By choosing EcoCooler, you are making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. Our systems are designed with sustainability in mind, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cooling methods.

How to Contact Us

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