Data Centre Cooling: The Case of Imail Comms

Data centres are the lifeblood of our digital age, housing the critical infrastructure necessary for the world's connectivity. Ensuring the optimal temperature for these centres is paramount, and that's where the concept of data centre cooling comes into play. This article will delve into the topic, focusing on the use of ecocoolers and a real-world example from Imail Comms.


Introduction to Data Centre Cooling

Data centre cooling is a process that manages the temperature and humidity within a data centre environment. It's a crucial aspect of data centre management, given the immense heat produced by the servers. In this context, the use of evaporative coolers, also known as ecocoolers, has gained prominence.

The Role of Ecocoolers in Data Centre Cooling

Ecocoolers are a type of evaporative cooler that leverage the natural cooling process of evaporation to reduce the temperature. They circulate fresh air throughout the data centre, helping to maintain an optimal temperature and prevent overheating of equipment.

Imail Comms: A Case Study

Imail Comms, a provider of digital and physical communication solutions, exemplifies the effective implementation of data centre cooling. When establishing their new facility in Coventry, they faced a unique challenge.

The Challenge

The facility had no existing ventilation system, and with overhead translucent roof lights, it behaved much like a greenhouse. This environment presented a significant challenge for data centre cooling, necessitating a robust solution.

The Solution: Ecocooling Evaporative Coolers

Celsius, the company tasked with designing and installing a suitable cooling system, decided on a two-pronged approach. Firstly, they installed two EcoCooling Evaporative Coolers for the main shop floor, each providing 35kw of cooling. These were balanced with two Celsius extraction fans.

For the office spaces, Celsius installed eight Fujitsu air conditioning systems. This comprehensive solution ensured optimal temperature control throughout the entire facility.

The Installation Process

Celsius performed the complete installation, including all power and water connections, without causing any disruption or downtime to the site's day-to-day operations. This seamless integration underscores the importance of a well-planned and executed data centre cooling strategy.

Key Takeaways

This case study demonstrates the critical role of data centre cooling in maintaining optimal operational conditions. The use of ecocoolers proved to be an effective solution, providing efficient cooling even in a challenging environment.


Data centre cooling is an integral part of data centre management, and the choice of cooling solution can have far-reaching implications for operational efficiency. As the case of Imail Comms demonstrates, ecocoolers can provide an effective and efficient solution to this challenge.