Ecocooler: A Revolution in Cooling Technology for DB Broadcast

The ecocooler is a ground-breaking solution in the realm of cooling technology. As a key player in the UK's broadcast consultancy and system integration industry, dB Broadcast is celebrated for its innovative products designed for signal acquisition and monitoring. Recognising the need for sustainable cooling solutions, dB Broadcast explored alternative methods, ultimately opting for the ecocooler for their state-of-the-art data centre.


A Paradigm Shift in Cooling

The ecocooler, an evaporative cooler, presents a paradigm shift in cooling technology. dB Broadcast previously relied upon a standard DX CRAC system for cooling their data centre. However, the high running costs and environmental impact prompted the company to explore more sustainable, cost-effective solutions.

"Through Convergence Group, Celsius Design installed 1 no. EcoCooling system and 1 no. extraction fan."

The Ecocooler Installation

The installation of the ecocooler system was a meticulous process. The previous cooling method was replaced with an EcoCooling system and an extraction fan, both installed by Celsius Design. To account for winter conditions, atemperation sections were integrated into the system to mix warm air with the cool air, ensuring consistent temperature for the racks at all times.

The Ecocooler Control

An essential feature of the ecocooler system is its fully automated control panel. This panel is interlinked with the existing CRAC, providing seamless control over the cooling system. 

Cost-Effective, Sustainable Cooling

The decision to shift to the ecocooler has proven to be a wise investment for dB Broadcast. It's estimated that the installation will pay for itself in less than 18 months. Moreover, the company is projected to save thousands of pounds on running and servicing costs, proving the ecocooler to be a remarkably cost-effective solution.

"Db Broadcast are expecting to save thousands of pounds on the running and servicing costs of the new carbon friendly system."

The Future of Cooling with Ecocooler

The ecocooler represents the future of cooling technology, offering a green, cost-effective solution for businesses. With the evolution of the ecocooler, dB Broadcast has taken a giant leap towards achieving sustainability and efficiency in their operations. The success of the ecocooler in dB Broadcast's data centre stands as a testament to the potential of this cooling technology, paving the way for its broader adoption in the future.


The ecocooler has set a new standard in cooling technology, delivering unparalleled efficiency and sustainability. dB Broadcast's successful implementation of the ecocooler highlights the immense potential of this innovative solution, revolutionising cooling practices in data centres and beyond.