Ecocooler Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Shopfloor Cooling for Cousins UK

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing and warehousing, maintaining optimal temperatures within the premises is crucial. Not only does it help preserve stock, but it also creates a comfortable and productive working environment for employees. Cousins UK Tools and Parts, a reputable family-run business with over 50 years of experience in selling watch parts and tools, recognised the importance of temperature control in their main warehouse facility in Maldon, Essex. To address this concern, Cousins UK turned to Celsius Design, a leading specialist in ventilation, heating, and air conditioning solutions, to design a comprehensive heating and cooling system that would cater to their specific needs.

The Challenge: Controlling Temperatures in the Warehouse

Cousins UK's main warehouse facility underwent a major refurbishment, including the addition of new offices, cladding, a roof, and a mezzanine floor. With the refurbishment, Cousins UK aimed to not only enhance the aesthetics of their premises but also create an environment that would ensure the longevity of their stock and provide comfort for their staff. To achieve this, Cousins UK approached Celsius Design to design a full heating and cooling solution for the entire premises, including the mezzanine and the new offices.

The Solution: EcoCooling Evaporative Coolers

Celsius Design recommended the installation of Ecocooling evaporative coolers as the primary cooling solution for the main warehouse and mezzanine areas. These state-of-the-art cooling systems provide efficient and cost-effective cooling by utilising the natural process of evaporation. With a cooling capacity of 35kw per system, the 6 Ecocooling evaporative coolers installed by Celsius Design effectively regulate the temperatures in the warehouse, ensuring a comfortable working environment even during the hottest days.

To complement the cooling system, Celsius Design also installed 6 Celsius extraction fans to maintain proper airflow and ventilation within the warehouse. This combination of Ecocooling evaporative coolers and extraction fans ensures optimal air quality and temperature control, promoting a healthier and more productive workplace.

The Heating Solution: Powrmatic Gas-Fired Suspended Heaters

In addition to the cooling system, Cousins UK required an efficient heating solution to ensure year-round comfort in their premises. Celsius Design addressed this need by installing 3 Powrmatic gas-fired suspended heaters, each with a rating of 140kw. These high-performance heaters effectively provide a reliable and energy-efficient heating solution, ensuring a comfortable working environment even during the coldest months.

Comfortable Offices: Fujitsu Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems

To cater to the specific temperature control requirements of the new offices within the warehouse facility, Celsius Design installed 4 Fujitsu wall-mounted air conditioning systems. These systems offer precise temperature control and enhanced comfort, allowing employees to work in optimal conditions throughout the year.

The Complete Installation: Seamless Integration

Celsius Design undertook the complete installation of the heating and cooling systems, including all power and water requirements. They seamlessly integrated their installation with the ongoing refurbishment works, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. By coordinating with other contractors and working in harmony with the refurbishment schedule, Celsius Design minimised disruptions and delivered a comprehensive heating and cooling solution that met Cousins UK's requirements.

Benefits of EcoCoolers for Cousins UK Tools and Parts

The implementation of Ecocooling evaporative coolers and other heating and cooling solutions by Celsius Design has brought numerous benefits to Cousins UK Tools and Parts. Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Improved Stock Preservation: The precise temperature control provided by the Ecocooling evaporative coolers ensures that the stock remains in optimal condition, reducing the risk of damage or deterioration.

  2. Enhanced Employee Comfort: The cooling and heating systems create a comfortable working environment, promoting employee well-being and productivity.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Ecocooling evaporative coolers and other heating solutions installed by Celsius Design are designed to be energy-efficient, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs.

  4. Seamless Integration: Celsius Design's expertise in installation and project management ensured seamless integration of the heating and cooling systems with the warehouse refurbishment, minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency.


Cousins UK Tools and Parts, a renowned family-run business, recognised the importance of temperature control in their main warehouse facility. By partnering with Celsius Design, they were able to implement a comprehensive heating and cooling solution that addressed their specific needs. The installation of Ecocooling evaporative coolers, complemented by other heating and cooling systems, has not only improved stock preservation but also enhanced employee comfort. With energy-efficient solutions and seamless integration, Cousins UK Tools and Parts can now operate in a productive and comfortable environment, ensuring their continued success in the industry.

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