EcoCooler: The Sustainable Cooling Solution for Estates Dairy

Estates Dairy, a young and passionate collective, is devoted to producing and bottling high-quality milk, cultured butter, and cream. As part of their commitment to sustainable practices, they recently collaborated with EcoCooling to design an eco-friendly cooling and filtration system for their new butter packing facility.


Understanding the EcoCooler

The EcoCooler is an innovative evaporative cooler that provides an eco-friendly solution for cooling needs. It operates on the principle of evaporation, harnessing the natural cooling power of water to reduce temperatures. This sustainable approach significantly lowers power consumption, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Why Estates Dairy Chose EcoCooling

The decision to partner with EcoCooling was driven by Estates Dairy's commitment to sustainability and their need for a high-efficiency cooling system. Their new butter packing facility required year-round cool temperatures and a high degree of air filtration. Additionally, it was crucial to avoid taking up internal production space with the cooling system.

Collaboration with Celsius Design Limited

EcoCooling teamed up with Celsius Design Limited to create a customised cooling and filtration system that met all of Estates Dairy's specifications. The system was designed to be externally mounted, ensuring that it didn't intrude on the internal production space.

Design and Functionality of the System

The resulting EcoCooler system provides continuous air filtration to F7 grade, with two preliminary stages of G4 grade filtration. It effectively cools the filtered air to a preset temperature controlled by an internal PLC system.

Efficiency of the EcoCooler System

The EcoCooler system is remarkably efficient, providing up to 35KW of cooling for only a 2.5KW power draw. This efficiency is a testament to the innovation of EcoCooling and their commitment to promoting sustainable practices within industries.

Benefits of the EcoCooler System

The EcoCooler system offers numerous benefits. It provides a sustainable solution for cooling needs, reducing the environmental impact of operations. It offers excellent air filtration, ensuring a clean environment for Estates Dairy's butter packing process. Additionally, its external mounting design maximises internal production space.

The Future of EcoCooling

The success of the EcoCooler system at Estates Dairy's facility is a promising sign for the future of EcoCooling. Its innovative design and high efficiency make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking sustainable cooling solutions.


The collaboration between Estates Dairy, EcoCooling, and Celsius Design Limited is an excellent example of how businesses can leverage innovative technology to improve their operations while reducing their environmental impact. The EcoCooler system exemplifies this, offering an efficient, sustainable solution for Estates Dairy's cooling needs.