EcoCooler Warehouse Cooling for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

DE Group, the UK’s leading independent national pharmaceutical wholesaler, serving independent community pharmacies for over 30 years got in contact with Celsius once again. After the huge success of the previous EcoCooling installations at their Basingstoke, Thurrock and Runcorn sites, DE Group reached out to Celsius to help control the overheating problem they were having at another one of their sites in Barnsley. 

Since DE Group are a medicinal warehouse, they must adhere to the MHRA regulations for both minimum and maximum temperatures.

With no current cooling system in place, the warehouse would regularly exceed temperatures in excess of 30Co at high levels during the height of summer. The MHRA regulations mean that they must aim to keep the maximum temperature below 25Co.

Celsius installed 3 no. EcoCooling Evaporative Coolers each providing 35kw of cooling. Celsius also installed one extraction fan to help balance the system with the two existing extraction fans already in place. The EcoCoolers were able to comfortably meet the requirements and drastically reduce the working temperatures across the warehouse.

Celsius installed the system during normal working hours with no site downtime and minimal disruption, it was a full turnkey package with Celsius providing all the services and builder’s work.