EcoCoolers and Celsius Extraction Units for GoOutdoors

On the back of the success of over 20 stores nationwide, Go Outdoors contacted Celsius again to look at tackling their overheating problem at their Edinburgh store.

The solution had to be cost-effective both for installation and for ongoing running costs. Go Outdoors wanted to continue to minimise their carbon footprint.

The solution was a system of four EcoCoolers and four Celsius extraction units, the extraction units are controlled from the EcoCoolers and a unique low-level control system incorporating thermostats and multi-channel timeclock, allowing the system to be set up to maximise free cooling at night when electricity costs are lower and external temperatures are at their lowest.

Each EcoCooler in this application is estimated to save over £2,600.00 per annum and over twelve tonnes of Carbon per annum when compared to a comparable air conditioning system.

Celsius undertook the complete installation including power and water supplies to the EcoCoolers whilst the store was open and the whole installation took only 1 week.