EcoCooling for hot and fumy machine shop

"The systems made a massive difference with some unexpected benefits, the general atmosphere is better, oil mist is reduced, the machines and floor stay much cleaner and product quality is improved with better temperature stability on the machines" - Simon Fisher, Chief engineer.

Neida is a zero - defect and lean manufacturing driven organisation supplying high precision components. Following a successful install of EcoCooling Evaporative Coolers at their Stoke on Trent facility, Neida reached back out to Celsius to look at cooling their second facility on the isle of Wight. 

Celsius installed 4 roof mounted EcoCoolers and 3 extraction fans. At a combined cooling capacity of over 140kW, the system was not only able to drastically reduce the working temperatures of the machine shop but the introduction of fresh air and extraction of the warm humid air was able to create a much cleaner and in general a better atmosphere.

Celsius undertook the complete installation during normal working hours with no downtime to the sites daily operations.