Evaporative Cooling for Fidessa Data Centre

Fidessa, the world leader in Stock Market Trading Systems have recently installed a Celsius EcoCooling evaporative cooling system in their Data Centre at their Woking headquarters.  

The Multi-story building had its Data centre totally refurbished, and a section of the old Data centre was converted into a plant room to house the four EcoCooling units, with the windows replaced with Celsius colour co-ordinated louvres to allow the fresh air into the area.  

The air then passes through the coolers and into the cold aisles before being drawn through the data racks and into the hot aisle, it is then extracted from the area through two Celsius wall-mounted extraction fans sited behind more colour-coordinated window louvres.

The whole system is accurately controlled using an EcoCooling CREC PLC control system, this utilises the old air conditioning system as a backup to the EcoCooling system.  

The EcoCooling system uses less than 10% of the power that the previous Air Conditioning system used.  

It was for this reason that the Celsius EcoCooling system was installed, as the landlord for the building is part of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and must actively reduce its overall carbon footprint across all of its properties.

The wall-mounted recirculation dampers allow the wintertime entering air to be tempered with the warm air from the Data room ensuring the perfect temperature is delivered year-round with the minimum running cost.

Celsius undertook the full installation including the builder's work, wiring, water, ducting, pipework, window louvres, hot aisle containment and all supporting steelwork.

The above pictures show the internal and external view of the extraction fans, these are fully speed controllable through the PLC control system, utilising both temperature and room pressure to provide the correct extraction rate for the system.