Bristol City Council have a Data centre at their Romney House site, it was cooled year-round using five Computer Room Air conditioning units (CRACs), consumed a vast amount of power.  

To drastically reduce the running costs and reduce their carbon footprint they have installed a system of six Celsius EcoCooling evaporative cooling units and six Celsius Roof mounted attenuated extraction systems, providing over 200KW of low-cost, low-carbon cooling.  

The new system is expected to save over £60,000.00 of electricity per annum and over 438 tonnes of carbon emissions, compared to their old inefficient air conditioning system.

The above graph was supplied to us by James King of Bristol Council, it clearly illustrates when the equipment went live on the 11th of October.  All at Bristol Council are very happy with the result and the savings.

2011 update

The system has now been installed for over 12 months and Bristol Council have recently reported to us that they have saved over £70,000.00 in electricity running costs and the system has operated solely on EcoCooling since its installation.

These figures are actual savings not estimates, it seems the estimated savings have been exceeded by the actual savings.

The maintenance and servicing costs for the EcoCooling have also been lower than the old conventional system.