Capgemini has installed a system of five Celsius EcoCooling evaporative coolers and four ducted Celsius extraction fans to replace an old system of five air conditioning units that were cooling their basement Data Centre at their Birmingham offices.

The new system is expected to save over £36,000.00 of electricity per annum and over 270 tonnes of carbon emissions, compared to the old inefficient air conditioning system.

The Celsius system has an ‘atemperation’ system to ensure that the area is fed with correct temperature air throughout the year, even in the depths of winter using waste heat from the Data centre to temper the incoming fresh air.

The Celsius system can provide over 140KW of cooling into the basement area, ducting the cool air under the raised modular floor.

The Celsius system also incorporates five smoke vents to be used in the event of a fire within the basement.

Celsius completed a turnkey installation including removing the old R22 air conditioning and all services.

The installation was undertaken through Spie Matthew Hall consultants and the project was completed on time and within budget.