Heating System for London Rugby Club

Ealing Trailfinders, who is a Top English second-division professional rugby club located in west London, contacted Celsius to look at designing and installing a suitable heating solution for their two temporary gym buildings.

The rugby club initially requested that each gym would have twelve radiant heaters installed in order to support ambient temperatures of 16 degrees, however, the site did not have the electrical capacity to sustain such a system. 

Celsius proposed that each gym would have two air source heat pumps installed, which would not only provide over 30KW of heating but also over 25KW of cooling for the summer months.

As well as being able to cool unlike the radiant heaters, the Celsius air source heat pump design would also provide over 8KW more heating and draw 75% less power, meaning the system would not only meet the site power requirements but also comfortably support ambient temperatures of 16 degrees. 

Celsius undertook the complete installation during normal working hours, causing no disruption to the player's workout programme.