Mezzanine Floor Cooling At Lead Smelting Works

When Calder Lead built a mezzanine floor and put the wood working department on there they never realised how hot it would get in the summer months, Temperatures regularly reached 38Co. They then called in Celsius to help provide a cost effective way of cooling the area.

EcoCooling evaporative cooling was the answer, one roof mounted unit and the cool air was ducted to an extra large discharge plenum to provide good coverage onto the mezzanine floor.Directly after installation temperatures on the mezzanine floor fell by over 15Co and personnel are now far happier to be working this area.

We designed and installed the EcoCooling system with suitable ducting for the area for less than £6,900 and running costs for the year will be less than £500 and for such a large area this is amazingly competitive.

Celsius undertook the complete turnkey installation during normal working hours.