Mezzanine Floor EcoCooler for Luxury Boat Builders

In the world of luxury boat building, providing a comfortable working environment for craftsmen is crucial. With summertime temperatures soaring, luxury boat builders face the challenge of maintaining ideal conditions on their mezzanine floors. Williams, the world leaders in the manufacture of high-end luxury Jet Tenders, recently tackled this issue head-on by installing a mezzanine floor and implementing an innovative cooling solution. This article explores the use of EcoCooling units and Celsius extraction fans to create a pleasant working environment on the mezzanine floor of their state-of-the-art factory in Oxfordshire.

The Challenge of Mezzanine Floor Cooling

Mezzanine floors, while providing valuable additional space, often suffer from excessive heat accumulation. The traditional approach of installing extraction fans to remove heat often proves ineffective, as it simply drags more heat from the rest of the factory onto the mezzanine floor, exacerbating the problem. Williams recognised the need for a different solution that would effectively cool the mezzanine floor and maintain a comfortable environment for their craftsmen.

The EcoCooling Solution

To address the challenge of mezzanine floor cooling, Williams turned to EcoCooling units. These units pressurise the area with fresh, filtered chilled air, creating a comfortable working environment. Additionally, two linked Celsius roof-mounted extraction fans were installed to remove warm air from the shop floor, preventing it from flowing up onto the mezzanine floor. This innovative combination of EcoCooling units and Celsius extraction fans ensures that the mezzanine floor remains cool and comfortable throughout the working day.

Benefits of EcoCooling

The use of EcoCooling units offers several advantages for mezzanine floor cooling. Firstly, it provides a cost-effective solution compared to traditional air conditioning systems. The EcoCoolers discharge cool air just above head height through a four-way fully adjustable head assembly, ensuring a comfortable fresh air movement across the entire area. This targeted cooling approach minimises energy consumption and reduces operational costs.

Installation Process

Celsius, a leading expert in ventilation and cooling solutions, undertook the complete installation of the EcoCooling system for Williams. This included the provision of power and water supplies to both EcoCoolers. The installation was seamlessly integrated into the factory's operational processes, causing no disruption during the daily work routine.


The installation of EcoCooling units and Celsius extraction fans has proven to be a successful solution for mezzanine floor cooling in the luxury boat building industry. Williams' commitment to providing a comfortable working environment for their craftsmen has been realised through this innovative cooling system. By using EcoCooling, they have demonstrated the effectiveness of pressurising the mezzanine floor with fresh chilled air, ensuring optimal working conditions and enhancing productivity. With the help of Celsius, Williams continues to lead the way in creating luxurious jet tenders while prioritising the well-being of their craftsmen.

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