When Amethyst Group in Warwickshire started storing medicinal products they had to adhere to the MHRA regulations for both minimum and maximum temperatures across the 18 bay warehouse.
They approached Celsius and we designed a suitable heating and cooling system, along with a full electronic temperature mapping system with internet access and email alert capability.

Heating System
The warehouse already had 4 floor mounted 175KW gas fired heaters, but due to the high rack storage there would be a possibility of cooler temperatures at low level whist the top few racks could exceed the 25Co maximum permissible temperature.
To combat this happening we installed 42 no. Celsius destratification to gently push the warm air back down to low level and also mix it so there were no cold spots.

Cooling System
In previous years the warehouse had regularly had extended temperature’s in excess of 35Co at high level. The new regulations means that they must aim to keep the maximum temperature to below 25Co.

Reducing the Solar Gain
To achieve this we cleaned and then painted the 125 roof lights with special solar reflective paint, this will save over 65KW of solar gain during the height of summer. This effectively reduces the amount cooling equipment that is required and also the running costs of the cooling system.

Cooling the whole Area
The warehouse is now cooled by using 9 no. wall mounted EcoCooling units ducted into the aisles and a further 3 no. wall mounted units to cool the personnel in the despatch area. These are balanced by the installation of 12 no. Celsius wall mounted extraction at high level.

Temperature Mapping
We also installed a full temperature mapping system consisting of 42 rack and space mounted sensors throughout the facility, these provide temperatures at high level and low level back to Amethyst’s main computer. This then enables reports to be produced for certain timescales showing that the whole facility has been kept within required tolerances. It can be viewed remotely from tablets and smartphones and email alerts can also be provided.