Printing company Xpress more interest in EcoCooling

Company Overview 

Labels, based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, specializes in printing high-quality custom labels for various companies, including lifestyle brands, supermarkets, and large international brands.


Following the success of their first EcoCooling system, Xpress Labels sought to further reduce warm working temperatures on and below their new mezzanine floor.


Celsius installed an additional EcoCooling evaporative cooling unit with two discharge grilles positioned above and below the mezzanine floor. A roof-mounted extraction unit was added to remove warm, humid air, balancing the system.


Each EcoCooler provides over 35kw of cooling, and with a combined capacity of 70kw, the system meets the workshop's cooling needs effectively. All installations were completed during normal working hours without disrupting daily operations.


By enhancing their workspace with EcoCooling systems, Xpress Labels ensures a comfortable environment for their employees, boosting productivity and maintaining high operational standards.

For more details about EcoCooling and ventilation solutions, visit Celsius Design.