Recycling centre EcoCooler solution

When Carey's Waste Recycling wanted to cool one of their picking stations in their recycling centre at Wembley, north London, they approached Celsius.

They were initially looking at installing air conditioning; the room is within a large warehouse which is full of discarded rubbish waiting to be recycled.  As the rubbish is decomposing there is a tremendous amount of heat released and this means that the whole area is very warm, dusty and dirty.

Air conditioning would have been more expensive to install and also far more costly to operate, however, air conditioning would not have introduced fresh air to the personnel operating the picking station and as air conditioning only recirculates the warm dirty air over the internal cooling coil it would have soon failed due to the airborne dust and poor quality of the internal air.

EcoCooling was the logical solution, it uses fresh cool ambient air and then cools this as required, it means the air for the personnel is far healthier and the EcoCooler is far more robust and will have a far longer service life than the air conditioning would have had.  It is also 90% cheaper to operate than air conditioning and 20% cheaper to install.  The perfect engineered solution!!