Shop floor Cooling: Go Outdoors Taunton

When the Go Outdoors store in Taunton overheated during the summer months they contacted Celsius for a solution.  

The solution had to be cost effective both for installation and also for on-going running costs.  Go Outdoors also wanted to minimise their carbon footprint.

The solution was a system of four EcoCoolers and fourCelsius extraction units, the extraction units are controlled from the EcoCoolers and a unique low level control system incorporating thermostats and multi-channel timeclock, allowing the system to be setup to maximise free cooling at night when electricity costs are lower and external temperatures are at their lowest.

Each EcoCooler in this application is estimated to save over £2,600.00 per annum and over 12 tonnes of Carbon per annum when compared to a comparable air conditioning system.

Celsius undertook the complete installation including power and water supplies to all four EcoCoolers whilst the store was open and the whole installation took only 2 weeks.

Maintaining optimal working conditions is crucial for any industrial facility, especially shop floors where employees are exposed to high temperatures and humidity levels. In order to ensure the comfort, health, and productivity of workers, effective cooling systems are essential. In this article, we will explore the importance of shop floor cooling and how it can be achieved using innovative solutions like ecocoolers.

Why Shop Floor Cooling Matters

Enhancing Employee Comfort and Productivity

Shop floors can become hot and uncomfortable due to the machinery, processes, and limited ventilation. This can have a negative impact on the well-being and productivity of employees. By implementing efficient cooling systems, such as ecocoolers, shop floor temperatures can be regulated, creating a comfortable working environment that promotes productivity and employee satisfaction.

Preventing Equipment Damage and Downtime

High temperatures and humidity levels can also pose a threat to expensive machinery and equipment on shop floors. Excessive heat can lead to equipment malfunctions, reduced efficiency, and even complete breakdowns. Implementing effective cooling solutions can help prevent such issues, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the machinery.

Maintaining Product Quality

Certain industries, such as plastic injection molding, require precise temperature control to ensure the quality of the final products. Inadequate cooling can result in defects, warping, and other quality issues. By implementing shop floor cooling systems, manufacturers can maintain consistent temperatures, reducing the risk of product defects and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Shop Floor Cooling Solutions

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is an energy-efficient and cost-effective method of cooling large industrial spaces, including shop floors. This technology utilizes the natural process of evaporation to cool the air, reducing temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius. The ecocooling units are designed to draw in fresh air from outside, pass it through moistened pads, and distribute the cooled air throughout the shop floor.

Natural Ventilation

Incorporating natural ventilation techniques can significantly improve the air quality and temperature regulation on shop floors. This involves strategically placed vents, louvers, and windows that allow fresh air to enter and circulate within the facility. By harnessing the power of natural airflow, shop floor cooling can be achieved without relying solely on mechanical cooling systems.

Smoke Ventilation

In certain industrial environments, such as factories and warehouses, the presence of smoke or fumes can pose health and safety risks. Smoke ventilation systems are designed to remove smoke, heat, and other contaminants from the shop floor, ensuring a safe working environment. These systems can be integrated with ecocoolers to provide both cooling and smoke extraction capabilities.

Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation systems are specifically designed to remove stale air, odors, and pollutants from shop floors. By continuously exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air, these systems improve air quality, prevent the buildup of harmful gases, and create a comfortable working environment. Combining industrial ventilation with ecocoolers can further enhance the cooling and air quality on shop floors.

Office Air Conditioning

In addition to cooling the shop floor, it is essential to provide comfortable working conditions in office spaces within industrial facilities. Office air conditioning systems can be integrated with shop floor cooling solutions to create a comprehensive climate control system. This ensures that employees working in administrative areas also benefit from a comfortable working environment.


Effective shop floor cooling is crucial for maintaining optimal working conditions, enhancing employee comfort and productivity, preventing equipment damage, and ensuring product quality. By implementing innovative solutions like ecocoolers, businesses can achieve energy-efficient and sustainable cooling, resulting in long-term cost savings and a healthier work environment. Invest in shop floor cooling systems to create a productive and comfortable workplace for your employees. Contact Celsius Design today for a free, no-obligation site survey and design service.