Shop Floor Cooling: Halcrow

Halcrow are one of the worlds largest engineering consultancies and are constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint.  To help with this they have recently installed a system of three Celsius EcoCooling evaporative coolers and two interlinked extraction systems.  

This has enabled them to remove three existing refrigeration based air conditioning units that were undersized and struggled to keep the area cool during the warmer summer months.  

The new system is expected to save over £20,000.00 of electricity per annum and over 170 tonnes of carbon emissions, compared to their old inefficient air conditioning system.

The system utilises 3 no. Celsius EcoCooling units and 2 no. wall mounted Celsius extraction units.  The Celsius system has an ‘atemperation’ system to ensure that the area is fed with correct temperature air throughout the year, even in the depths of winter using waste heat from the Data centre to temper the incoming fresh air.

The coolers and all ducting has been installed in the room adjacent to the Data Centre, the windows have been replaced with louvres and the cooled air is then ducted through the dividing wall into the Data Centre, a very ingenious installation indeed, all installed whilst the Data Centre continued running with no down time.

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Why Choose Celsius Design Limited?

At Celsius Design Limited, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal working conditions for shop floor environments. Excessive heat and poor air quality can negatively impact productivity, employee well-being, and the overall efficiency of your operations. That's why we offer tailored shop floor cooling solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Our Range of Services

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for cooling large spaces, such as shop floors. By harnessing the natural process of evaporation, our evaporative cooling systems can reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius, creating a comfortable and productive working environment.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. By utilising natural airflow and strategically placed vents, we can improve air quality, regulate temperatures, and reduce energy consumption in your shop floor.

Office Air Conditioning

In addition to shop floor cooling, we specialise in office air conditioning solutions. Our systems are designed to create a comfortable working environment for your employees, enhancing productivity and overall satisfaction.

Our Successful Projects

Two Phases of Air Conditioning Installation for Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Experts

Arburg Ltd, a leading plastic injection moulding machine manufacturer, sought our expertise in providing a comprehensive air conditioning system for their operations. We installed a custom-designed cooling system that ensures optimal working conditions, improving productivity and machine performance.

Aberystwyth Council: EcoCooling and Celsius Extraction

Aberystwyth Council recognised the importance of maintaining a well-ventilated data centre. We installed two Celsius EcoCooling units and two Celsius extraction fans, ensuring efficient cooling and airflow management, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime.

Motorola Data Centre Cooling

Motorola, a globally recognised technology company, enlisted our services to implement over 30 EcoCooling systems across their UK data centres. By adopting our cooling solutions, Motorola has achieved significant cost savings, reducing their electrical running costs by over 90% while minimising their carbon footprint.

EcoCooling for Hot and Fumy Machine Shop

Simo, a machine shop owner, experienced the benefits of our EcoCooling system firsthand. Not only did the system improve the general atmosphere, but it also reduced oil mist, kept the machines and floor cleaner, and enhanced product quality through better temperature stability.

Top Private School Keeps Pupils Cool the Ecocooling Way

Queen Ethelburga's school outside York prioritised the comfort and well-being of their students. We provided an Ecocooling solution to ensure a cool and conducive learning environment, creating an ideal atmosphere for presentations and academic activities.

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