Shopfloor Cooling for Glazing Factory

EE Glass are a leading manufacturer of tempered safety glazing from their factory in Portsmouth.  Temperatures regularly exceeded 45Co on the shopfloor during summer and up to 50Co on the mezzanine floor!

They approached Celsius to design and install a suitable cooling system for the factory.  We installed three. large Celsius roof-mounted powered extraction units, each rated at over 25,920m3/hr to remove the hot air from high levels and the cool filtered fresh was introduced through the installation of four. EcoCooling evaporative coolers, one of which cools the high-level mezzanine floor.

The improvement has been miraculous, Michael Croucher the Managing Director has said “Celsius did a wonderful job, their engineers worked around us and there was no downtime and the system is keeping all the staff very happy, such an improvement”.

The whole system provides over 160KW of cooling to the shopfloor and draws less than 9KW of power when running at full load.