Solving Overheating Problems with Ecocoolers: A Case Study of Cavan Bakery

Cavan Bakery, a renowned British establishment with a rich history dating back to 1929, faced a common issue plaguing many businesses in the food industry - overheating due to ovens and cooking processes. This article delves into how they addressed this challenge with the help of Celsius, who provided a highly efficient Ecocooler solution.

The Overheating Issue

Bakeries, like many other businesses in the food industry, often struggle with overheating problems. This is largely due to their heavy reliance on ovens and other cooking appliances, which emit a considerable amount of heat. Cavan Bakery was no exception to this rule, with their existing process extraction system proving insufficient in tackling the issue.

Note: Overheating can create an uncomfortable working environment and impact the quality of the products.

The Ecocooler Solution

The solution to Cavan Bakery's problem lay in the Ecocooler, a wall-mounted evaporative cooler. This device provides fresh, chilled, and filtered air to replace the hot air extracted from the bakery's interior. The Ecocooler was identified as an ideal solution due to its ability to maintain a moist atmosphere, which is vital for keeping baked goods fresh.

Quote: A significant advantage of using Ecocooling in bakeries is that the cool air does not dry out the product.

Installation and Operation

Celsius supplied and installed the Ecocooler unit without causing any downtime for the bakery. The unit provides over 35KW of cooling, while only consuming 1.2KW of power, making it an impressively cost-effective solution.

Tip: The running cost of an Ecocooler is a fraction of that of traditional air conditioning units.

Key Features of the Ecocooler

  1. High Cooling Capacity: The Ecocooler has a cooling capacity of over 35KW, making it quite potent despite its compact size.
  2. Energy Efficiency: The device consumes only 1.2KW of power, a stark contrast to traditional air conditioning units which are considerably more power-hungry.
  3. Non-Disruptive Installation: The Ecocooler can be installed with minimal disruption to business operations.
  4. Moisture Retention: Unlike air conditioning, the Ecocooler doesn't dry out the air, which is beneficial for bakeries as it prevents their products from drying out.

The Impact of the Ecocooler on Cavan Bakery

The introduction of the Ecocooler had a profound impact on Cavan Bakery. Not only did it resolve the overheating issue, but it also helped to maintain the quality of their baked goods by preventing them from drying out.

Fact: The Ecocooler has helped many businesses in the food industry improve their working conditions and product quality.


The Cavan Bakery case study serves as a perfect example of how the Ecocooler can provide an effective and energy-efficient solution to overheating problems in the food industry. By maintaining a moist environment, the Ecocooler also ensures that baked goods retain their freshness and quality.