Top Private School Keeps Pupils Cool The Ecocooling Way

When it came to presentations day at Queen Ethelburgas school outside York all the staff and pupils used to dread it being a sunny day as they would feel like they were melting in the sports hall, as temperatures often used to climb into the thirties!!

So they approached Celsius Design to provide a cost effective and green solution. The low carbon footprint answer was a system of 8 no. EcoCoolers and 8 no. Celsius extraction fans, all the equipment is roof mounted and also contains large attenuation sections to minimise noise levels in the area, as this area is also used for exams each year.

They are all controlled in zones with the benefit of a timeclock facility so they can be operated throughout the night at a lower temperature to chill the area with low cost electricity, keeping already low running costs even lower.

Celsius installed all the equipment during normal working hours and undertook all works including water pipework, electrics and all builders work.