Arburg Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Injection Moulding machines and 3D printers, entrusted Celsius Design Ltd with the task of designing, supplying, and installing a new air conditioning system for their state-of-the-art facility in Leamington Spa. This article explores the two phases of the air conditioning installation, highlighting the innovative solutions implemented by Celsius Design to meet Arburg Ltd's specific requirements.

Phase 1: Design and Installation of Air Conditioning System

Subsection 1: Arburg Ltd's Requirements

Arburg Ltd sought a comprehensive air conditioning system that would ensure optimal working conditions for their plastic injection moulding machine operations. With their UK Headquarters in Leamington Spa, Arburg Ltd selected Celsius Design for their expertise in ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. The primary objective was to create a comfortable working environment for the employees while maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels for the machines' performance.

Subsection 2: Designing the System

Celsius Design approached the project with meticulous planning and attention to detail. They conducted a thorough site survey to assess the facility's layout and specific cooling requirements. Taking into account the size of the premises, the number of machines, and the overall heat load, Celsius Design devised a comprehensive design that incorporated evaporative cooling, natural ventilation, and office air conditioning.

Subsection 3: Installation Process

With the design finalized, Celsius Design commenced the installation process. They meticulously coordinated with Arburg Ltd to ensure minimal disruption to their operations. The installation was carried out during normal working hours, with no downtime in the offices. Celsius Design's experienced technicians and engineers worked diligently to ensure a seamless installation, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Subsection 4: Ventilation System for the Plant Room

In addition to the air conditioning system, Arburg Ltd required a ventilation system for their plant room. Due to the heat emissions from the condensers, Celsius Design developed a specialized ventilation solution to automatically cool the plant room during the peak summer months. This innovative system ensured that the condensers operated efficiently without compromising the overall temperature control within the facility.

Phase 2: Hidden Condensers and Cooling System

Subsection 1: Concealing the Condensers

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the facility, Arburg Ltd chose to hide the external condensers. Celsius Design accomplished this by removing a large existing Air Handling Unit (AHU) from the first-floor plant room. By repurposing the plant room, all the condensers were discreetly installed within this space. This strategic placement not only concealed the condensers but also optimized the overall cooling efficiency of the system.

Subsection 2: Ventilation System for the Plant Room

With the condensers installed in the plant room, Celsius Design recognized the need for an effective ventilation system to prevent overheating within the confined space. They engineered a ventilation solution that automatically cooled the plant room when the condensers were operating at full capacity. This innovative approach maintained the plant room's temperature, safeguarding the longevity and performance of the air conditioning system.

Subsection 3: Seamless Installation Process

Celsius Design executed the installation of the hidden condensers and ventilation system with utmost precision. Their team of skilled professionals meticulously carried out the necessary modifications to the plant room, ensuring seamless integration of the new components. The installation was completed without causing any disruption to Arburg Ltd's operations, demonstrating Celsius Design's commitment to delivering exceptional service.


Celsius Design's expertise in ventilation, heating, and air conditioning proved instrumental in successfully completing the two phases of the installation for Arburg Ltd. By carefully addressing Arburg Ltd's requirements and implementing innovative solutions, Celsius Design provided a comfortable and efficient working environment for the plastic injection moulding machine experts. The concealed condensers and the specialized cooling system in the plant room showcased Celsius Design's commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. With their proven track record in delivering top-quality installations, Celsius Design solidified their position as a premier provider of air conditioning solutions in the industry.

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