Warehouse cooling for Drive System Design using EcoCoolers

Drive System Design is a world leader in the design and testing of drive systems for the automotive industry.  At their state-of-the-art facility in Leamington Spa, they test the drive trains.

The testing produces vast amounts of heat (and fumes in some cases) and the only realistic way of cooling the areas is using Evaporative cooling, they did try a ventilation system but this didn’t work as some of the test cells produce as much as 90KW of heat in a very small enclosed area.

Celsius installed ten EcoCooling units and ten Celsius roof-mounted fans to cool the areas, these provide the required cooling and air changes to keep the internal Cell environment fresh and clean.

The EcoCooling system provides up to 350KW of cooling and only draws 21KW of power

Celsius undertook the complete installation including power and water supplies to all ten EcoCoolers. All work was undertaken during normal working hours working around the personnel and the testing in the areas.