Celsius Design Ltd can supply and install systems for offices, factories and shops. Using split system units, multi-split systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units and Centralised Packaged Units. We design the system to best suit the application. 

Celsius Design Ltd have installed hundreds of systems for many blue chip clients in board rooms, main open plan offices, individual offices and reception areas.

Production Areas:
Often production areas require exact environmental conditions controlling temperature and humidity, both for personnel comfort and the process within the area. Celsius Design Ltd can supply and install split systems and centralised systems to achieve the clients specification.

Critical Temperature Environment:
Celsius Design Ltd provides Close Control Specialist systems for critical temperature environments such as Research Areas, Laboratories, Hospital Operating Theatres, Computer Hub Rooms, Production and Product Storage Areas.
Incorporating specialist features such as auto reset and start up after a power failure and temperature alarm as necessary.
All these systems are specially designed and installed to meet the unique demands of your critical temperature area , providing you with both the temperature control you need, together with the peace of mind that each system is tailored to your individual environment.

Increasingly clients are installing comfort cooling and heating systems in retail units to improve their customer conditions. Again Celsius can design, supply and install the correct system. Using wall units, ceiling mounted cassettes, floor mounted units and under ceiling units if required.

Celsius Design Ltd have supplied and installed air conditioning Systems for the following, as well as many others:

  • Weetabix Limited
  • Smiths Aerospace Limited
  • Siemens Limited
  • Kraft Limited
  • Mazak Machine Tools Limited.



We are approved distributors and installers for the following manufacturers: