Celsius are market leaders in the supply and installation of evaporative cooling systems to factories, shops and offices.

We have installed the biggest single evaporative cooling system in a factory in the UK for Premier Foods and also the biggest evaporative cooling system in an office in Europe for Bristol Council.

Evaporative cooling is the low cost environmentally friendly alternative to costly air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling units introduce fresh ambient air through externally mounted pads, these also filter the incoming air to maintain high hygiene standards throughout the area. The effect of drawing the air through the pads changes the energy (heat) in the airstream thus reducing the actual dry bulb temperature of the air.

The following chart illustrate the typical reductions that can be achieved, as the performance of the evaporative cooling units is dependant upon external humidity levels. Typically in peak summer months daytime humidity levels are around 30 to 35%, therefore, giving a reduction of around 8-10Co, although this could be even higher if humidity levels dropped.

Running costs for evaporative cooling are a fraction of air conditioning running costs typically a 1.5KW motor provides over 40KW of cooling, compared to over 15KW of electricity for conventional air conditioning to generate the same amount of cooling. The following chart illustrates the cooling potential of the system based upon certain external humidity conditions.

The Celsius fresh air system can also be used during the winter months without the chiller section to continue introducing fresh air to low level.

The below illustration shows how the roofmounted evaporative cooler works, this would be fitted directly above internal ducting, thus providing cooler air at low level.

Each evaporative cooler will have a variable speed control system, allowing personnel to operate the system to suit their own comfort parameters, as well as ensuring that the airflow does not impede the production process or comfort of customers of staff. It should be understood that evaporative cooling is not the same as conventional air conditioning.

  1. Environmentally friendly – uses no CFCs or refrigerant gasses
  2. Introduces 100% fresh filtered air into the area, thus improving hygiene levels
  3. Doors and windows can stay open and allow the building to breathe.
  4. Maintains some moisture in the area, whereas, conventional air conditioning tends to dry the air, often leading to problems with dry eyes and sore throats
  5. Cost-effective to operate, considerably cheaper to run than conventional air conditioning
  6. Reduces static electricity within the area
  7. Reduces fumes and particles in suspension and odours
  8. Simple, flexible and variable low-level control system.

Celsius Design Ltd have supplied and installed Evaporative Cooling Systems for the following, as well as many others.

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Data Centres: 

Please refer to our specialise website www.datacentrecooling.net which is devoted to this area of our business, this website gives you plenty of information and help in designing a cooling system for your Data Centre:




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