These systems utilise powered extraction units (fans) to both extract the air and introduce fresh air. The fresh air units can incorporate filter units, heater coils, recirculation sections, heat exchangers, attenuation sections and discharge grills. Powered ventilation is often used in the Food Manufacturing environments where filtration of the entering air stream is required.

Celsius fans can extract from under 1 m3/s each to over 15m3/s each. They can be used for extracting warm air, fumes, smoke and hazardous explosive gasses when explosion proof motors would be specified. Again Celsius would select the correct equipment for the application, using the best available technology.

Celsius can design and install a suitable fume or steam extraction system for your manufacturing process, these often incorporate stainless steel ducting, standard filters, hoods and canopies and sometimes carbon filter scrubbing units to reduce dischargeodours.

Celsius Design Ltd have supplied and installed Powered Ventilation Systems for the following, as well as many others:

Premier Foods Limited
Rolls Royce Aero Engines PLC
Cott Beverages Limited
Weetabix Limited
Siemens Limited
Boots PLC

Celsius Design are one of the UK'€™s leading designers and installers of natural ventilation systems, with thousands of systems successfully installed throughout the UK.


Large industrial factories are often best ventilated by the installation of a system of Celsius Natural louvered roof and wall mounted vents. Celsius natural vents can measure up to 2,800mm wide by 4,000mm long and are the largest natural vents available on the market. The vents can be pneumatically, electrically or manually controlled, and can benefit from an overriding rain sensing system called a weatherbeater. This will automatically close the vents in the event of rain and then reopen them once the rain has passed. The Celsius natural ventilators utilise the stack effect and extract the warm air as it rises, thus never allowing it to build down to low level. Natural ventilation has numerous advantages over powered fans, some these are given below:

  • Allows the Building to Breathe – as the warm air rises it is allowed to continue to rise and exit the building, this then draws more fresh into the building to replace the extracted air, thus equalising the pressure and providing a refreshing air change rate and air movement. 
  • Self regulating , i.e. the warmer it is the more extraction produced.
  • Minimal maintenance – as the Celsius Ventilators incorporate few moving parts, wear and tear on the unit is minimal, therefore only a small degree of maintenance is required.
  • Low running costs – as the Celsius Ventilation system operates on the natural buoyancy principle, there are no fans or motors within the unit, hence running costs are extremely low.
  • Flexibility in use – by controlling the Ventilators within zones and providing a weatherbeater operation, personnel within the area will be able to control the system to suit their own parameters.
  • Psychological benefit – when the Celsius Natural Louvered Ventilators are in the open position, daylight levels will be drastically improved within the area, therefore, providing a psychological benefit to personnel.
  • No noise levels – as there are no fans or motor in the unit they do not make a noise when extracting.
  • Fire Ventilation – Each Celsius unit can incorporate a fusible link release mechanism, therefore, in the event of a fire the units open and provide a release for the heat and smoke, so allowing personnel to escape and firemen entry to fight the fire.

The Celsius vents are available with aluminium blades, single skin or insulated and also with twin skin translucent polycarbonate blades for increased daylight.
Bird guards, insect guards, burglar bars, painted louvers and side bodies are all available upon request. Celsius Design Ltd have supplied and installed Natural Ventilation systems for the following, as well as many others:

Premier Foods Limited
Landrover Limited
Rolls Royce Limited
Fords Limited
Hotpoint Limited.