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Useful Articles and Information on Data Centre Cooling

Data centre cooling and topics that surround it, including PUE, EcoCooling and others can often be difficult to understand and there are many questions that people ask. That is why we have wrote a few useful articles below on some of the topics we believe are most important. We will be adding to our list of articles, so if you have any suggestions that you think someone might find useful or if you don’t quite understand something yourself then we will be happy to help. For more information on any of our products or on the information below please contact us on 01926 887470.

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How do server room air conditioning units differ from evaporative coolers?

What is evaporative cooling?

Where can I get evaporative coolers in Birmingham?

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Our Latest Jobs

Aberystwyth Council

Three years ago Celsius installed an EcoCooling Data centre cooling system for Aberystwyth Council at their Aberaron data centre, it worked that well delivering all the savings promised (over 80 tonnes of carbon per annum) as part of their carbon reduction program, therefore, when the cooling system in their main Data centre in their state of the art head office required a new back up system they approached us for our innovative solution.

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Go Outdoors

Celsius have recently installed evaporative cooling systems for 6 Go Outdoors stores that suffered from severe summer overheating problems, the first was at Taunton and as this was so successful the Oxford store soon followed. The Celsius EcoCooling evaporative cooling approach has now been established as the Go Outdoor’s chosen solution for all of their stores, it fits in perfectly with their low carbon approach.

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