Celsius are at the forefront of providing low cost environmentally friendly solutions to cooling Pharmaceutical warehouses to allow MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) compliant conditions, typically between 8Co and 25Co.

These conditions are maintained using EcoCooling to cool the warehouses and a variety of heating methods (gas fired, oil fired, electric, propane etc) to heat the warehouses in the cold winter months.

Please see the following Case History for a recent installation for Amethyst Group in Wellesbourne where we cooled, heated and temperature mapped a 9,000m2 warehouse area.

A requirement of the MHRA is that the warehouse must be fully temperature mapped, we can provide this for you as part of our total system approach.

The Celsius system comprises internal temperature sensors with integral batteries (last upto 2 years) and a receiver unit that constantly gets a feed of temperatures from around the warehouse (high and low level) using radio waves, so there is no field wiring. The temperatures are then shown on a screen on one of your computers allowing you to print off reports to demonstrate compliance.

The system can also be set up (by us) to provide alerts and emails if there should be an issue.
The system can also be accessed remotely off site by computer or smart phone so you can check the conditions where ever you are in the world.